Monday, January 3, 2011

If You Fix It They Will Eat It: I'm Actually Shocked!

Last night I made Hearty Ten Vegetable Stew from the cookbook The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook after the kids went to bed.  That is now going to be my standard operating procedure when I need to prepare a meal that has lots of chopping or many steps.  Just a thought, I had to hand chop everything myself.  I would NEVER cook if I had to do that every time.  The Vitamix takes seconds to do the chopping job.  I was scared to use it last night as it was the first night 3 of 3 slept in his bed peacefully after having an ear infection and lots of tears and late nights. 

Today I heated up the soup on the stove and served it.  I gave a stern warning to 1 of 3 that there were to be no complaints, concerns, or I don't likes AT ALL!  1 of 3 can often set the tone for a meal.  2 of 3 is her very own parrot and shadow.  Both girls were informed that if they didn't like the stew that was fine, they could choose to go upstairs and take a nap during lunch.  I was determined that this was the only lunch I was serving today.  And it worked!  My 3 little people gobbled it up.  They gobbled up celery root, parsnips, carrots, kale, red bell pepper, potatoes, celery, not so much the mushrooms, onions, zucchini and garlic.  The grown ups savored each bite.  The blend of vegetables was so delicious.  I had never eaten parsnip or celery root.  Can't believe how long I have been missing out!  I am going to make it again soon and add stew meat and use beef broth instead of vegetable broth.  Both my husband and I thought it would be out of this world then.  Here is a link to the online recipe.  You will have to sign up to become a member to actually see the recipe.

For dessert we all munched on homemade granola that we made earlier today.  Some of it was amazing!!! The recipe was found in the cookbook Earth Bound Cook by Myra Goodman.  Just FYI, it mentions using cookie sheet with raised sides.  I would highly recommend that.  I only had one cookie sheet but needed two so I improvised.  Half of our granola is burnt!  1 of 3 had a grand old time preparing the granola.  And the anticipation of tasting the granola that left the entire house bathed in a fragrance of cinnamon delight was almost more than the girls could stand.  Can you tell?  If you aren't interested in purchasing the cookbook then concoct your own version of granola.  Try to sweeten it with 1 can thawed concentrated apple juice, 1/3 cup molasses, and 1/2 cup honey.  Be sure to dissolve the molasses and honey into the apple juice before stirring into the granola.  Here is another granola recipe by the same author.  It will give you a good idea what to do to make granola. FYI: the recipe that is linked calls for canola.  No need for canola if you sweeten with above ingredients.  Oh and we did add a few chocolate chips once it was cooled.  As 2 of 3 would say, "NUMMY, NUMMY, NUMMY!"

So far thumbs up to both cookbooks!

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