Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Could It Be?

With all 3 of my babies, their second year of life is HARD!  I usually nurse them until about a year.  It's the next year of life that is a scream fest.  Once they are introduced to cow's milk it seems there are lots of sicknesses, ear infections and crying.  It's the crying non stop that has taken its toll on us.  I have talked to the doctor about maybe food allergies, but that wasn't the issue.  Now I'm wondering if maybe he/they are/were just plain sensitive to milk.  After I weened 3 of 3 I kept him on a toddler formula.  He did fairly well.  I just transitioned him over to cow's milk about 6 weeks ago and it's been really tough.  A few ear infections and lots of tears and screams.  3 of 3 is on antibiotics for his second ear infection this fall/winter.  And the mommy and daddy are on our, say, 11th night of NO sleep.  At first we had to hold him as he was in pain.  Now we are wondering if he's spoiled or could it be something else.  No fever and he's perfectly fine and happy playing.  The search for answers is on!

My husband is an attorney and came home from a deposition yesterday with interesting news.  He mentioned to a colleague that we were having trouble with 3 of 3 crying and having ear infections.  The colleague said that they had the same problem (a bit more serious though) and it was greatly relieved when they cut cow milk out of their baby's diet.  I will try anything!  I ran out in the rain today and got soy milk.  Organic soy milk as soy is one of the main crops that is a GMO.  I got vanilla and plain organic soy milk and O'Soy yogurt by Stonyfield.  All 3 of 3 had today was soy.  He loved the vanilla soy milk and blueberry soy yogurt.

The true test came tonight when I put him down for bed.  He relaxed and never made a peep.  Never made a PEEP!  Hallelujah!  Thank you, GOD!!!  Okay that is a big deal because the LEAST amount of time that he has screamed for the past 11 or 12 days was 30 minutes.  And that was just last night.  It was much longer previous nights.  And I'm talking bloody murder scream, the kind of scream that makes your blood pressure shoot through the roof as you imagine running down the street as fast as possible to escape the sound.  It's brutal!  The little guy has stamina, that's for sure.  The rational part of me thinks it is too soon for a change to be noticed.  But the desperate part is sure that is our solution!  I know we are still in the experimental stage.  So far, so good, though.  Whatever the reason I am so grateful that my nervous breakdown has been averted for another day.  God bless soy milk!  Organic soy milk!!!

Please enlighten me if you have any information about this issue.  Thanks friends!


  1. Yes, God bless soy milk, I thought I wanted to start mine on this once she was able to be off formula, but now it's confirmed! thanks :)

  2. My baby boy has done great for a second day in a row! He loves the soy milk. Drinks and drinks now which is a welcome change from cow's milk. Good luck with the switch!