Tuesday, February 1, 2011

rBGH Free Milk Products And They Aren't All Organic!!!

Well, just in case you would rather NOT serve up rBGH milk to your family, today's post is dedicated to listing companies that have pledged to go rBGH-free.  The good news is there is an alternative to the rBGH milk on the market in grocery stores.  And there are even options that are non organic.

Certainly ALL organic milk products are rBGH free.  My friend told me about Organic Valley Milk.  It is a nationwide company owned by farmers.  The milk is produced and delivered in its region.  So when I buy it at the grocery store, I know that it came from a Texas farm.  That is cool.  Their website has detailed information about the different farms and regions available.  Who Is Your Farmer?  When we go to the farmer's market we love Texas Daily Harvest Organic Milk.  The girls can't get enough. Yummy!!!  

There are also some companies that labeled their products rBGH free.  Whole Foods non organic cheese does label rBGH free but follows up with this statement: "The FDA has said there is no significant difference between milk from cows treated with rBGH and untreated cows.  No test can now distinguish between milk from treated and untreated cows."

Here are non-organic companies that have dropped rBGH from their products:  General Mills (Yoplait yogurt), Dannon yogurt, Costco's "Kirkland Signature," Target's "Archer Farm," Sam's and Walmart's "Great Value," Safeway’s "O," Publix’s “High Meadows,” Giant's "Nature's Promise," Fresh and Easy store brand, and Kroger store brand.  I'm sure there are other brands also.  I'll update as I find out.  It would be wise to ask the store you frequent if they provide rBGH free milk products.  The list provided is just a sample.  Please visit this link.  It detailed information on  rGBH free products.   Here is another link that provides brands state by state and details the products they produce.  It may be wise to double check and ask your local grocery store to in fact be sure.

When in doubt as to if a milk product has rBGH look for "organic," "hormone free," and "rBGH or rBST free."  Like I stated earlier though, it is hard to find products labeled.  Or maybe it isn't hard, there just aren't many products that are rBGH free.  

Why does everything have to be so complicated?  I just want wholesome fresh milk and milk products without the research.  Monsanto, you are a trouble maker!!!!


    For sooooo long I felt so alone being "that" woman in the grocery store that was asking where the organic milk was located...the organic produce...and the BPS-free everyday products. It's just been in the last 12-18 months that "mainstream" stores are carrying more real/unadulterated foods.
    I'm a capitalist...I believe in a capitalist society and that businesses should thrive if they're run with intelligence, but companies like Monsanto have too much power and are turning our country into a dictatorship. They have so much governmental pull that we all have to pull together to make our voices heard.

    Good for you Natalie! As a mother of 3-amazing-earth-shattering-beautiful-gifts-from-God myself, I love hearing (and reading) other moms singing from the same songbook! We all may be different, but when it comes to motherhood, we're all ferocious "Momma Bears."

  2. I am so glad we are connected! Power to the mommas for fighting for our kids!