Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Failed Miserably!

Failed miserably is actually being quite kind.  I had trouble even getting started.  I'm refering to the Double Dog Dare and I have to admit it went down hill fast.

I have to admit to myself that the best I can do is the salad a day.  And I can over do the one once of nuts a day.  You read my blog.  You know I way over do the "NUTS."  Right?

I tried to steam 2 servings of greens a day for my husband and myself.  I bought all of the greens.  They rotted in my refrigerator.  I always had an excuse not to make them.  Today's picture is my proof.  I tried to eat 3 servings of fruit a day but my kids beat me to it.  I mean, I could buy more but who am I kidding?  It would probably go to waste too.  We were doing fruit/veggie smoothies for a while but it's too cold now.  And finally not so much on the 1/2 cup of beans or legumes a day.

Oh, I did just fine on all the things I had to give up with the exception of a bit of sugar in the dark chocolate chips.  I'm not giving up.  I'll try again in a few weeks.  Or maybe the Spring or Summer.  Fall is looking good too.

Okay so I'm just going to plug along doing my best to be healthy.  I just can't put any extra demands on myself.  They seem to overwhelm me.  I'm sticking to the salad a day and then whatever sides I have in the one home cooked meal I make.  I'll get there.  I have the want to just not so much the time/energy.  It'll come!


  1. oh girl, hang in there! I was wondering if you felt like you were chopping, blending, cooking, cleaning ALL the time. I feel that way on the days I cook. We too are being pretty moderate. It is so good to buy the organic. And a salad a day is also impressive! You're still a total inspiration!

  2. Thanks Carly!

    I keep reading all of these great books but I just can't keep up with them. One day.

  3. This was a REALLY hard idea to do, so I don't fault you at all for not being able to stick with it. A salad a day is still pretty great! Have you thought of mass steaming the greens and pureeing them?
    I love adding pureed veggies to pretty much any meal. I keep butternut squash puree in the freezer (frozen in ice cube trays for portions) and add it to mac and cheese, spaghetti sauce, butter chicken, even stir fry's! You hardly notice its there but more importantly the kids NEVER notice the sneaky veggies. Just an idea :) Keep up the good work!!

  4. Thanks for the idea! How easy it would be to have puree veggies frozen in the freezer! I am going to try that out!

    Thanks again for the great idea.

  5. oh yeah ditto on the frozen pureed stuff. That is how I did all the kids' baby foods (in the ice cube trays - you can even freeze avocado!). If you are planning to use larger amts you can freeze that way too. I had a recipe that called for 1C pureed broccoli so I froze in 1C ziplocks...

  6. i didn't know that you could freeze avocado! wooo hooo. my kids are in for some treats!