Friday, February 18, 2011

Farm Fresh Produce And Meats Delivered To My Door

Today was my first delivery from Farmhouse Delivery.  So far, fabulous!  Farmhouse has partnered up with other farms and offers a wide variety of organic items to the customer.  The weekly fee for the bushel of produce like in the picture above is $37 a week.  There is an order sheet to add on any additional items.  So I placed my order and also got a host of grass/pasture fed meats, mushrooms, pecans, and breads.  All from local farms.  Farmhouse also delivers organic baby food, herbs, breads, mushrooms, eggs, cheeses, and so much more.  Here is a link to the order form so you can see for yourself.

I do love to go to the Farmer's Market and get the produce myself, but found there is often not enough time on our Saturday family day.  Farmhouse is providing an excellent service to us!  This is the produce/food we want to eat, available by delivery!

I love that I am getting local produce!  Fresh, organic food that supports my local farmers!  Can't beat it.  And oh how tasty the strawberries were!  Gone in less than 3 minutes.  And all little people were asking for 3rds!

Farmhouse is my favorite organic find so far!!!!!

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