Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Childhood Favorite At Its Healthiest

Last week while I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I noticed something I thought would make my little people shout from the hills!

I hate to admit this but sometimes I plan a meal that is a total bust.  Other times I find myself running behind and it's too late to cook dinner.  Or like tonight, I finally ran out of groceries!  These are the times I need the "shout from the hills" kid dinners that will soothe complaints of kids and nerves of momma.

No matter the time, the place, the company, my little people could eat a hot dog.  I think they could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I don't condone eating hotdogs everyday.  Just saying that my little people could!

So that said, we have been eating all natural buffalo hot dogs when we eat them.  Last week I stumbled  across beef, chicken and turkey hot dogs.  We have taste tested all 3 flavors and they were well received by all 3 people.  The package says to boil the hot dogs but the kids don't care for them boiled.  And get this, the beef hot dogs are made from 100% organic grass-fed and finished beef!  All of the hot dogs are uncured and nitrate free.

I have to remind myself that these hot dogs are still processed meat.  "Processed meat is meat that has been preserved by smoking, curing or salting, or by adding preservatives such as nitrites or nitrates. Examples of processed meat include ham, bacon, pastrami, salami, sausages, bratwursts, frankfurters, hot dogs and some types of minced meat."  The chicken hot dog says it is "lightly smoked" and therefore meets the definitions of processed meat even though the hot dogs are uncured and nitrate free.

Although we only eat all of the hot dogs in moderation, I do like the fact that my little people can enjoy a childhood favorite at its healthiest.  I still wish they would ALWAYS like the food I make and have no need for a "shout from the hills" substitution!


  1. What a great post. Glad to know that my children are not the only picky eaters. Like yours, mine will eat hotdogs of any type. I have not tried the chicken ones yet but we always get the turkey dogs.

  2. Great recommendations on the hotdogs! We'll have to try those. Thank you!

    You are so lucky to have kids that eat most of what you cook. My daughter is terribly picky right now and it's beginning to rub off on her twin brother. Luckily, my baby still eats just about anything.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Although I do not want to wish their childhoods away, I am looking forward to eaters!!! I understand about the pickiness rubbing off on other children! 2 of 3 was influenced by 1 of 3. I'm sure in a few more months 3 of 3 will have picked up both of his older sisters pickiness! But for now, he's my best eater!!

  4. I always have those hot dogs in the freezer for just those moments! And Trader Joe's bacon. :) I feel less guilty about eating it because it doesn't have the nitrites/nitrates....probably doesn't mean I can eat six pieces of it at a time, though. :)

  5. Your newest follower from the blog hop. Thanks for your review. I will be trying those hot dogs soon! Check my blog out and follow back, if you like...

  6. Thanks so much for following me! I'm now your newest follower too! :)