Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Family Project And We NEED Your Help!

My oldest daughter is in kindergarten.  She loves school and we LOVE her school.  Grandparents day is in April and it is a really big deal!  All of the children invite their grandparents to school for the day.  Each family is responsible for coming up with a family project to share on grandparents day.  The pictures below are our grandparents.  We love them!

Can you guess what our family project is going to be?  Well if you guessed cooking together and eating healthy meals we all prepare, you're right.  We will make a display board with pictures of all the cooks and of course our favorite recipes we have made together.  3 of 3 will only be shown eating as he's just too little to do much of the cooking yet!  But those 2 girls of mine are some cooking queens!  We'll even have a few samples of our favorite snacks!

The usually rushed, running behind me wants to get a head start.  And 1 of 3 and I need a little help from our friends.  We need responses from friends on ways this blog has encouraged you or helped bring healthy changes to your family too.  We would be thrilled to add your comment to our display board as a way our project has touched other friends' lives.  If you have a comment, great, please leave it below on comments.  If not, that's okay.  Please continue reading anyway.

I appreciate your time to respond.  I am lucky to have you all as my friends and readers!!!


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  2. I love reading your blog about a family so passionate about raising healthy children while learning together about making informed decisions and making the best choices about what to feed your bodies. In a world full of kids eating so unhealthy, these are 3 super lucky kids!!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments, Stacey! I am looking forward to trying the gumbo recipe you have on your blog!