Friday, January 14, 2011

I Tricked My Kids Into Eating Super Food Swiss Chard!

Tonight I served brown rice pasta with tomato sauce.  This tomato sauce was tinted green with pureed swiss chard.  I sauteed the swiss chard then pureed it in the blender with the pasta sauce.  I finished it off with boiled chicken breast pieces and parmesan cheese.  My little people ate it up!  1 of 3 really doesn't care for pasta but she ate all of this.  She said it was by far her favorite.

Did you know that grains should be rotated to prevent food sensitivities?  I no longer use wheat pasta all the time but alternate with brown rice pasta, quinoa/corn pasta, multi grain pasta of rice, quinoa, and amaranth.  I have even tried a spinach and wheat pasta.  All of the different types of noodles have been easily accepted.

Seriously, these little people just had a bath.  I probably should have done it AFTER dinner!  Especially 3 of 3.

Have a great weekend!!!

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