Friday, January 7, 2011

Operation Bovine Blackout

Operation Bovine Blackout has been live for 3 days.  It started out as a covert mission for the entire family, but the meticulously trained taste buds of 1 of 3 and 2 of 3 (mommy and daddy too) quickly went on high alert.  HIGH ALERT.  Threat level Severe, RED!  Too bad I didn't have a hidden camera handy for those faces!  They detected the infiltration, confronted their assailants (mommy and daddy), and demanded their usual bovine products.

But not to worry--the mission remains an overall success.  The high value target is 3 of 3.  His buds lack the experience necessary for detection, or maybe his limited language skills have prevented him from announcing the detection.

So we are left with one man standing or sitting strapped in his high chair waiting for whatever we will give him.  Bless him.  But make no mistake about it, it's war on cow milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.  And we will take no prisoners.  We are coming to set the captives free.  All 3 of us.  The 2 adult people from the padded rooms in which they once had their nervous breakdowns and one little person (3 of 3) from screaming, non stop for days and days on end.  Yes, milk you are outta here!

To accomplish Operation Bovine Blackout we provided 3 of 3 with organic vanilla soy milk at first.  He took to it easily and is actually drinking like a sailor.  I am anxious to try other non dairy milks too.

So Delicious coconut milk yogurt ( was offered up to 3 of 3 next.  3 of 3, mommy and daddy all are really into it.  Rationing has begun.

After that, Operation Bovine Blackout is running into some operational difficulties.  Let's just say that soy milk, soy yogurt and rice cheese were all deemed non-optimal, especially by 1 of 3 and 2 of 3.  3 of 3 can have it ALL!  I guess the good news is that 3 of 3 is the high value target and it hits the spot for him.

We still have quite a few tricks up our sleeve to make Operation Bovine Blackout successful.  No operation goes down without a hitch, and a skilled operative can think on her feet.  I can tell you this, hitches and all, Operation Bovine Blackout has brought peace and tranquility back into our lives.  It's too soon to put up a "Mission Accomplished" sign but it's coming, baby.  I just know it.

(I read too many Vince Flynn novels.  I think I am a spy at heart.)


  1. I've been doing Soy milk for a few years now and I love yogurt - don't care much for tofu.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I am not a big tofu fan either! I think we all just need to adjust our expectations. It does taste different! And I probably need to try different flavor/brands. Do you have any you would recommend?

  3. you are so funny. Glad it is working and helping! We switched to coconut coffee creamer and now I have a strong preference for it. I tried to sneak in a little soy milk into my kids' regular milk and that was a major FAIL. :-)

  4. My older girls wouldn't stand for the change. One would have thought that they had just swallowed poison after their first taste of soy milk. We laugh and say that 3 of 3 was so little he just didn't know any better.