Thursday, January 20, 2011

I LOST It!!!

Don't do what I did.  I lost it.  LOST IT!!  And I will tell you, that is maddening!  So I am writing this post to inform YOU how to NOT lose it.

Okay, all of you salad-a-day eaters, here's some news for you.  And yes, you may already know it.  I had heard it long ago and forgotten it, that is until yesterday when anonymous posted a comment on KISS and Tell.  Anonymous mentioned that he/she tears their lettuce up instead of cutting it.  Then I remembered that it is not good to cut lettuce with a metal knife.  It made me wonder why, so I did a quick check.  Turns out that a metal knife causes the lettuce to oxidize and lose Vit C.  "Slicing lettuce before use creates an ascorbic acid oxidase that releases vitamin C, and vitamin C content in lettuce is thus destroyed in preparation by many cooks."  So DON'T lose it.  Don't lose the Vitamin C.  Tear your lettuce leaves or buy a special plastic lettuce knife.  I am currently buying the pre washed organic lettuce/spring mix packs for the convenience.  When I go back to heads of lettuce one thing is for sure, I'll tear it up!

Also, the darker the lettuce, the more nutritional value!  

How are you doing with a salad a day?  Anyone started yet?  I still didn't get to a salad today.  Baby had 105.3 fever and it was crazy.  Tomorrow, tomorrow.  I'll make one tomorrow.  It's only a day away!


  1. Salads are not important on days when your little ones are sick. I hope Nicholas gets better soon and those salads will reappear on your daily menu then.

  2. Thanks, friend!!! I am sure hoping the little guy is on the mend. He is struggling. I probably need to eat super healthy on these high stress days. It's just not possible. I've held a little guy all day. And doing anything with one hand is quite difficult! Tomorrow I'm hoping for a playful, happy guy. Or at least a little guy that is not so sad! Bless him.