Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dr. Oz Segment On Organic Processed Foods: Spend or Save?

I tuned in to Dr. Oz on December 7 as he was discussing GMO food.  I'm working on a group of posts about Genetically Modified foods and can't wait to share them!!!  Anyway, after the GMO segment there was a segment regarding organic processed food.  Audience members taste tested the foods and guessed which one was organic.  Then Dr. Oz gave his opinion as to if it is worth buying organic or not.  I thought you may find it interesting.  Three of these products are about the only processed food we buy anymore with the exception of tortilla chips.  He didn't talk about tortilla chips but since corn is genetically modified I always buy organic chips. 

Just FYI: Heinz has organic ketchup and it is a hit with all the little people in this house.  Our favorite organic cereal for all the Austin folks is Central Market Honey Nut O's, and O's.  I buy organic peanut butter in bulk at Central Market.  It is much more expensive that the $1 Dr. Oz says is the difference between a national brand and the organic brand.  I'll look for another option until I am able to try out my own peanut butter making skills with the viatmix!  Don't really do organic frozen dinners so I can't help you on that one!  Please let me know if you find any organic items of interest.

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