Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY Little Girl, Angel or Fairy Christmas Ornament

Today was the day we made Christmas ornaments.  Every year I like to get my children Christmas ornaments as keepsakes.  This year I decided we should make them ourselves.  And we did just that.  The ornaments turned out just precious.  Here are the directions we came up with for this project.  Note:  I don't usually like to use varnish but the wood just seemed to soak up the paint and it looked so dull without it.

Wire to hang ornament
skinny ribbon
round doll clothes pins
wooden dowel cap with 5/8 inch hole
flesh colored pipe cleaner
acrylic paint
gloss varnish
glue gun
fabric for dress and wings

First my sweet husband drilled a hole in the top of the wooden dowel cap on the doll's head for the wire to hang the ornament.
Then I painted the head and the top of the clothespin a flesh color. 
Next we painted hair on the wooden dowel.  I used my paintbrush to outline the shape of the hair, then I filled it in.

Eyes, mouth and rosy cheeks were added next.  For the lips I found it easiest to make a small heart and then curves for the lips. 

Once the face was dry I painted a coat of varnish on it. 

Then I added the wire to hang the ornament. 

 As the face was drying we painted the legs a pretty color and went over the color with a clear glitter paint.

Now it's time for the fabric!  We cut out our fabric with pinking sheers so it won't fray.  We cut the wings out in different shapes then pushed the pipe cleaner arms through the wings.  Later we will attach the arms to the clothes pin.

FLOWER OR GIRL INSTRUCTIONS:  Cut a circle out of fabric and cut a small hole in the middle of the fabric.  Then cut two small arm holes on the sides.  Put the pipe cleaner through the holes.  Pull the center hole over the small top of the clothes pin.  Tie a bow around the dress or use some type of tie to belt the dress.  To make the petals for the flower dress at the top I used wire ribbon and sewed the petals. 

FAIRY OR ANGEL INSTRUCTIONS:  If you are using wings then only cut the middle hole that will go over the head.  Tie a bow around the dress or use some type of tie to belt the dress.  Put the pipe cleaner through the wings and glue to the back of fabric.  Then use a bit of hot glue to attach the arms and wings in the back of the dress/belt.

Finally hot glue the head of the ornament and attach to the body.  Hold in place while the glue dries. 

My sweet E made the ornament above. 

Can you tell that a certain little lady in the house really like pink?  E, 1 of 3, has 2 ornaments that she made, the twins as she calls them, and both dolls will be wearing the same outfit as above.  She really like pink!

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