Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIY Santa Clause Ornament

I couldn't leave my baby boy out of the homemade ornament extravaganza so today I made Santa ornaments.  They are super easy and darling.  I hadn't made these ornaments since I was about 16.  I think my memory served me well and they turned out just like they were supposed to.  As I was taking pictures to put on the blog 1 of 3 said to me, "Why are you putting craft things on your blog.  Isn't it supposed to be about FOOD?"  I know it ususally is, but I thought these were fun crafts to share. 

paint brushes
acrylic paint:
Tuscan Red
Flesh color
Steel Grey
Metalic Gold
Light Pink

Here are the directions:

                                                First, I painted the skin color on Santa's face.

                               Then I painted the beard, hair and eyebrows of Santa with a grey paint.

             Rosy cheeks were added next.  I used the face color and added light pink to get the rosy color.

The white beard came next.  I just went over the grey beard and made it snowy white.  This could also be done last.  I did go back and touch up at the end.

Santa can now see!  I added eyes with black paint.

Santa's suit is next.  Don't forget to paint the inside of the clothespin.

    Santa's boots and belt painted with a small brush.  Don't forget to paint the inside of the clothespin.

Ta Da.  A HO HO HO Holiday Santa ornament.  You can drill the sides of the head and use a wire string or use the legs to sit on a tree branch.   

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  I'd love to see pictures of any of the ornaments you make.


  1. Hey Natalie
    Stopping over from Bloggy Moms to follow you. I love your ideas and site. Im a SAHM of 3, ages 11, 4, and 2. They aren't so little anymore. My oldest is a half inch taller that me. You can follow me at or on Twitter @HeatherRig

  2. Heather,
    Thank you so much. Wow, time sure does fly by with the little ones! I can't believe my big girl but really my baby will be 6 this year. I love your site too. So glad to get connected. Thanks for reading my blog!