Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want For Christmas...

Is a new set of Ceramic Cookware.  I didn't really know I wanted this much less that I NEEDED this until a few nights ago when I was doing a bit of research.   "Ceramic cookware is not only extremely durable and easy to clean (even the toughtest cooked-on foods can be wiped away after soaking it in warm water), it is completely inert, which means it won't release any harmful chemicals into your home or your food unlike other sets of cookware." trying to be healthy and as chemical free as possible kind of life is full of many changes and most unexpected! 

The pots and pans that are currently being used to make all of our meals are stainless steel.  Years ago I ditched all of my teflon cookware as I became aware of the dangers of non-stick Teflon.  I have attached a list of links at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in reading up about it.  I was unaware of any potential danger in other types of cookware.  This chart by Dr. Mercola outlines the potential problems with cookware commonly used.  So all I want for Christmas is ceramic cookware!

Cookware Material
Potential Hazard
PFOA induced potential health hazards -- from your immune system to birthing activities
Is a reactive metal and suspected casual factor in Alzheimer's disease
Stainless steel
Potential likelihood of metal leaching into your food and allergen issues
Due to the possibility of copper caused discomfort, recommended to never have direct contact with your food

If you are interested in the dangers of Teflon here are a few links to read.

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  1. So far I haven't found any ceramic cookware I want to purchase. There is the issue with the glazing used on the ceramic. I'll keep you posted. I'll keep on using the stainless steel until then.