Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet My Family: The Testers Of All Things Organic

These little cuties are the good sports who are undergoing quite the lifestyle change.  From kit kats and candy to kikas and veggie brownies.  And they don't seem to mind.  At all.  Amazing.  In fact, they dance around when they are offered their new treats.  That, my friends, does a momma's heart good!

First up, E, 1 of 3.  Reader, artist, constant craft maker, hardest laugher, snuggler, singer/songwriter, organizer, hostess, dress up queen, and big sister extraodinaire.  The sweet little lady that made me a momma.  Dearest of hearts, precious little soul that can brighten a day with her hug and smile.  Polite as a princess, thoughtful and quite the artist!  This girl can turn around and ask a question that will cause your mouth to hit the floor.  Many times I've had to say, "We'll have to check out a book to teach us about that."  All the while I'm wondering why I had to be the parent to get THAT question!  Come on she's only 5!

 Next up is A, 2 of 3.  Giggler, twirler, singer, hide and seeker, dress up princess, high heel wearer, self dresser and tooth brusher, lover of routines, friend to baby, follower to sister, occasional hugger of mommy and daddy. The spunky little lady that knows what she wants and makes sure she let's you know.  She is the pickiest of eaters.  Just today I asked her to just touch something to her lips.  So she pursed her lips and touched the food to them.  Then asked for cereal.  For my next attempt I asked her to lick the next bite.  She did just that.  Thought about it for a minute then asked for cereal. 

I'm pretty sure what he's eating is NOT organic!!!
N.  3 of 3.  The baby.  The caboose.  Really neat little guy.  Really neat!  Walker, squealer, pointer, ball thrower, toddler, explorer, occasional all night sleeper, cuddler, learner, eater.
This little guy loves to eat.  Of all the little people he is loving going organic the best.  His menu has just exploded.  And he loves it!  Loves it.  He happily eats all things green, even leafy greens!  It may just be easiest to say he eats whatever is put in front of him with a smile!

My husband, Michael.  Attorney, entrepreneur, avid reader, tall mountain for kids to climb, bridge for kids to crawl under, crazy dancer, daddy of the year, any year, any time.  The best.  My best friend and favorite person.  We've been married for 11 years.  He is quite handy in the kitchen.  He often will help prep the meals.  How nice is that?  The vitamix is replacing him though.  Faster.  How nice is that?  Hoping to get him to volunteer to do clean up.  We'll see.  He is enjoying the switch to organic.  I know I am loving it.


  1. Love your babies! And you, of course! So much great info you are sharing~keep it coming!

  2. Thanks so much. I LOVE to read your blog. You are a wise lady. And so much fun.