Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Note To Self

Dear Natalie,

This is a reminder to you from yourself of why you want to eat healthy and why you MUST eat a balanced breakfast.  You want to enjoy your life, spend quality time with your children and feel better.  Yes, it is true that you have had the kids from morning until bedtime this week but you must stay on track.  I know it's tempting to just grab something fast to hurry and get to the kids.  Just ask yourself how you felt after you ate an organic Z Bar for breakfast?  How did you enjoy that afternoon sugar crash?  How was the nap on the couch in the playroom with little hands hitting you in the head every few minutes?  You know that you feel SO much better when you eat real food.  It really is smart to take a few extra minutes and slow down, fix breakfast and EAT it.  For you, breakfast sets the tone of the day.  In the past you have neglected it.  For the past 2 months you have done great.  Tomorrow is another day.  Eat wisely!


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