Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Turning into Maw Maw Waters!

I'm turning into my grandmother, Violet Rose Waters, aka Maw Maw, aka Bee as in always busy as a bee.  That sweet little lady cooked 3 meals a day for a family of 6 and at age 86 still cooks now and then.  I LOVED to spend the night at her house.  I'd wake up to the smell of bacon, biscuits, and whatever kind of egg I was in the mood for.  It was the life.  My childhood is filled with so many wonderful memories of her and her fabulous cooking.  Not saying my food is fabulous yet but I've got to start somewhere!  Today that somewhere was homemade chicken nuggets.

For some reason the idea of cooking homemade chicken nuggets seemed like a daunting task.  In fact it seemed humorous it was so far fetched.  I just couldn't imagine COOKING my own nuggets while 3 small children ran around the house.  Then I read an article about ingredients in most chicken nuggets.  It was GROSS.  So I checked the ingredients in the organic nuggets and they seemed fine.  But then I was curious.  Could I do it?  Could I make nuggets myself.  How long would it take?  And if I make them would they be edible?  That was the big question!!!  My last thought was do I really want to move away from processed food or just find healthy alternatives for processed food.  My goal was and still is little to no processed food. 

Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to try to make chicken nuggets last night.  I thought they were great but the kids thought differently.  I didn't season them as it was my first try.  With ketchup and a dash of salt the kids ate them.  Today I was determined to make them again and this time they would be great.  And they were!  They were GREAT!!!  So great that my babysitter who comes for a few hours a week said they were the best she had ever eaten.   All three kids came back for seconds and then thirds.  That rarely if ever happens around here.

The best part about it was it didn't take long at all.  In fact no longer than it would have taken me to cook frozen nuggets in the oven.  And it was much cheaper than store-bought nuggets.  In fact, half the price of the organic nuggets for twice as many! 

To make the nuggets I used an egg to coat the chicken.  Then I dipped the chicken in an organic, unbleached flour that was seasoned with paprika, salt and pepper.  Finally I dropped the nuggets in a pan of hot organic canola oil.  If you are interested in a non-GMO diet, organic canola oil is a must.  Canola crops are about 85 genetically modified.  One other thought, I considered using olive oil but opted against it as it has a low smoking point.  I wasn't sure how it would do.  A friend of mine mentioned grapeseed oil today.  I want to research more about it.  Have any of you tried it?  I would love your thoughts.

Almond butter and hummus are a few other products we have "home made."  The amazing Vitamix whipped them up in a flash.  The recipes that Vitamix gave us need to be tweeked.  When I feel they are fantastic I will share them.  In the meantime I am looking to make my own jelly and bread.  I would love to try your favorite recipes!  Please leave a comment and I'll try them out and post about it.  You just may make some little people's day!  And thanks Stacey for encouraging me to make my own chicken nuggets.  They were simply the BEST!

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  1. We to are big fans of homemade nuggets!!! I actually like to make them coated with parmesan cheese, we try to do no grain as much as possible. We love them dipped in honey mustard, yummy!!! I use grape seed oil for some things, but we are big Olive oil users.