Thursday, December 9, 2010

Applegate Organic Chicken Strips

I would really like to be the super mom that makes all of my children's food fresh and homemade.  However, I am just not there yet and not sure I'll ever be completely.  Often lunch is a last minute meal that leaves me feeling guilty for my poor planning.  Junk that will sustain my child but not nourish them.  Ever feel that way?  So when I started this organic journey I wanted to have healthy choices that were still quick and easy.

Not sure if you remember my blog "Mission Impossible" where I reviewed a grass fed chicken nugget.  It was not our answer.  I will say this for the nugget, the next time I cooked them they were better than the first.  However I felt the nuggets were too expensive when my kids ate so little of them.  The search was on and after 6 weeks of going without the beloved chicken nugget, we found a wonderful organic chicken nugget that the children really enjoyed.  Applegate Organic Chicken Strips.  The chicken strip was fully cooked so I just had to pop it in the oven for a few minutes and didn't have to worry about it reaching the correct temperature.

2 of 3, my really picky eater that covers her mouth with her hands as if to say, "I won't let you poison me again!"  loved them.  She ate all of her nuggets and asked for more.  When all the "unspoken for" nuggets were gone, she headed over to the baby's highchair to "share" with him.  I was so pleased to see that she loved them.  1 of 3 said, "I love these chicken nuggets.  They are the best!  Can I have them again tomorrow?"  We all enjoyed them.

The one box fed this family of 5 for one meal.  The box of organic nuggets was purchased at Central Market and cost $6.99.  I thought it was on the high side.  Then I remember that I would easily spend that plus more at Chic Fil A.  The benefit of these chicken nuggets as opposed to Chic Fil A?  No child complains of a tummy ache and feels sick for an hour or so after eating.  Worth it to me! 

The thing about all this taste testing is I only bought 1 box of the "test" food at the store.  I surely don't want to be stuck with yucky nuggets.  The kids wanted more and more. And again this is not an every day meal.  Just a once in a while treat.  And boy is it a treat!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the review! Just a fun idea, why not have a taste test between our regular chicken nugget and out gluten free chicken nugget!
    Have fun! Renee and the Applegate Crew