Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cool Smart Food Apps For iPhone And Helpful Websites

I discovered that there are iPhone apps available for the health conscious consumer.  And if you are reading this blog you are probably somewhat health conscious.  Thought you may enjoy them!

The free apps are my starting point.  I want to see how much we use them and if I like them before I paid for more.  Also since I don't have an iPhone and need to rely on my husband for the phone or the information we need a trial period!  The free apps also seem to be the most helpful for us with our organic and
non-GMO lifestyle.

ShopNoGMO:  This app has a list of products and brands that are GMO free.  Fantastic site!  If you're like me and don't have an iPhone go to to find a complete list of products and brands that are GMO free.  Do your research at home and head off to the grocery store with a list.  No iPhone needed!  I just found a few items I didn't know existed non-GMO!  I can't wait to try them!!  This site also includes information about dining out non-GMO  Fabulous, fabulous site. 

GoodGuide:  This app looks up the barcode or name of products and gives the nutritional information, health information, and environmental/social information.  The site says it has over 70,000 items.  We checked most items at our house and had no luck.  We did learn that the Organic Blueberry Nectar I've been buying for the kids was rated poorly due to high amounts of sugar.  See organic isn't always better.  Must still check labels, Natalie, not just prices!!!

Here are a few other sites that may interest you.  Some are free but offer only limited access.  There is a small fee for most of the apps. 

Cooks Illustrated: provides taste test reviews and recipes.  I have found their information helpful in the past!  I use Da Vinci olive oil on their recommendation and love it.  Limited access free, unlimited yearly fee $34.95

Harvest:  offers information on the selection of produce and how it's stored as well as information on pestiside residue risk for all non organic produce/items.  $1.99

Seafood Guide: offers a comprehensive seafood guide and uses a color coded system to show the best choices.  Free.

How to Cook Everything:  details basic cooking techniques, offers grocery lists as well as 2,000 recipes from best selling author, Mark Bittman.  $4.99

Local Eats: provides a list of the top 100 locally owned restaurants in 50 metropolitan cities.  Austin is included!  $.99  This app is compatible with Android and Blackberry.

Zagat to Go:  restaurant guide.  $9.99  This app is compatible with Android and Blackberry.

Locavore:  locates farmer's markets in your area and links to to look up seasonal recipes for the seasonal produce purchased at the farmer's market.  $2.99

I would love to hear from you.  Please let me know if you try any of the apps and if they were helpful.  Have a glorious day, friends!

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