Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three Happy Cows Equals One Happy Mom

Family days at Chuck E. Cheese always prove to be a good time!  I mean what red blooded American woman doesn't want to spend the day at a pizza restaurant with a big mouse scaring the pajeepers out of her children?  And yet, they always want to go back.  Even though one parent has to hold at least one child most of the time.

Last week I could have kissed all 3 of those little  people!  We walked out of Chuck E, Cheese and into Natural Grocers next door.  We sure lucked out.  They were passing out samples of Three Happy Cows yogurt.  It comes in 5 flavors: Blueberry, Mango, Piña Colada, Plain, and Strawberry.  I tasted blueberry and strawberry.  I started singing "Hallelujah" in my head when I drank each one.  The next move I made was to the dairy section and filled our cart.

This drinkable yogurt is different than most I have ever tasted.  It was more like drinkable ice cream.

If this tells you anything, upon arriving back at our car all four of the dairy eaters drank a yogurt.  After leaving Chuck E. Cheese and testing samples in the grocery store, we had to have more.  The lone dairy-free baby longed for it.  He was not easily distracted from the yums he heard.

Three Happy Cows yogurt is made from organic milk from County Line Farms.  The cows from County Line Farms are pasture raised, grass fed cows.  Their website says that the cows are free to roam at all times on certified organic pastures in Earth, Texas and are free of any added hormones, antibiotics, chemical pesticides or, herbicides.  

I just took the last one out of the frig to drink.  I had to share it with my husband.  Pretty soon we are going to need to purchase a scale so we can make sure to split absolutely equally all of the goodness we are bringing home.

Good news for my Dallas and Austin friends, this Texas-made yogurt is available to us!  Here is a link to the stores that carry Three Happy Cows.  Sorry to all of my other friends.  All I can tell you is move to Texas.  Everything is better in Texas.  Or I guess you could call the company and ask if they will mail you this treat.

One last thing, their website says that they are going to be producing organic, grass fed butter and cheese this year!  I'm just giddy about it.  Maybe I need to get out more.  One thing is for sure, Three Happy Cows equals one happy momma!


  1. Just FYI: this is not a paid endorsement. I just really like this product. Like to pass on good stuff to my friends!

  2. Texas Daily Harvest has a really good drinkable organic yogurt also