Monday, April 11, 2011

A Girl Could Get Used To This!

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I say it's a personal chef!

Good Eating Austin is my best friend!  And this personal chef service delivers food to my house.  Organic food.  Healthy food.

Thank you, Social Living.

I am having a heck of a time finding time to eat healthy, much less blog about it.  The weather is beautiful!  My little people are demanding park time, pool time, play time, walks, more parks, anything outside, ALL the time!   Taking a fearless 19 month old boy all of these places is a whole new ball game to me.  I've learned to sprint to catch him from a tumble and I have gone down more slides in the past weeks than in my entire life.  Boy am I worn out when we get home!

That said, I have put cooking meals on the back burner.  I don't really want too but I can't bottle up childhood although I sure wish I could!

A few weeks ago Social Living had a half price special for a private chef service, Good Eating.  The deal was for 40 meals for the month which will to be delivered twice a week.  Total cost: $250.

Today was our first delivery.  And I ate good!  The client can request the types of meals they prefer.  I asked for non-vegetarian meals that are gluten free.  The kids ate up beef and something similar to quinoa tonight.  I steamed kale to go with their meal which, to my surprise, the girls ate.  I had a chicken salad with a great spicy dressing.

Good Eats should take care of at least half of our meals this month.

Ahhhh, a girl could get used to a personal chef delivery service.  I'm not going to, just saying!!!!!


  1. Wow! I'd imagine that would be nice!! I hope you enjoy all those meals to the fullest. :)

  2. Thanks, Holly! It will be fun to have help with cooking this month!!!