Monday, April 18, 2011

We Finished Our Family Project!!!!!

Today we finished our family project.  This is the first time I've ever been early on any project!  Yeah for us!!!!!  Well, we still have to make the granola samples to go with the project.  I shouldn't celebrate yet!

1 of 3's school requires a family project that is displayed every year on Grandparents' Day.  We began our project about the same time I started this blog.  It became important to me to teach my children healthy eating habits and to try to provide them with the best possible food choices.  After learning so much about the commercial farmer, GMOs,  pesticides, herbicides (corn), and the little research that has been done to study the effects on humans, I wanted to educate my kids early about how the food we eat impacts our health.  

Tonight I asked 1 of 3 what she learned during this organic journey we have been on, she said, "Momma, I learned that I feel really good and I don't get sick as much."  This is from a 5 year old.  

Yesterday, we were trying to come up with a title for our project.  1 of 3 wanted to go with "Taking Care of God's Temple" as she said that is why we should eat healthy.  Amazing the things little people pick up and learn!

So that is exactly what we named the project!

Here is the center piece of our family project.  We had so much fun cutting out all different kinds of healthy foods for the collage pictures used for the title.  1 of 3 drew quite a few pictures of healthy food we used, too!  They are my favorites!

We talked about how we are learning to take extra good care of our bodies, God's temples, with extra good fuel.  We mentioned some of the changes we made to our diets such as eating less processed food, more raw foods such as fruits and vegetables, less sugar, more natural sweeteners, grass fed meats, organic food, eating a variety of grains.  

We also talked about some new foods we have tried and loved in the past few months like blood oranges, swiss chard, garnet sweet potatoes, homemade chicken nuggets, coconut yogurt, kale, quinoa, lentils, buffalo, eggs (from pasture raised chickens.)

We finished this part of the project board with a healthy granola recipe and pictures of 1 of 3 making it.  We are going to make it again and have it sitting out for friends to sample.  It is super yummy and sweetened with honey, molasses, and apple juice concentrate.

We put our favorite recipes and pictures of the recipe on this side of the board.  Here are links to the recipes posted.

We also had to highlight our trips to the farmers' market!  These times have proven to be some of our most fun family outings.  The little people so look forward to going on Saturdays!  They LOVE to see all of the dogs.  3 of 3 is constantly saying, "Wuff, wuff!" as each dog passes.  He actually calls all animals wuff, wuffs.  So we hear it for all the birds he sees too!  It is so dear.  The girls chime in with their versions of wuff, wuff.  It is actually music to my ears.  Sometimes there is face painting or, more likely, arm painting, snacks, and always our weekly box of goodies from Johnson's Backyard Garden.  

Here is a link for our favorite snack of kikas that we mentioned on the project board.  Treasured Earth Foods  Here is a review I wrote about the kikas.  Treasured Earth Foods Kika Review

We have learned so much on this project and enjoyed spending more time together with our family!  Hooray for family projects!!!!!!

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