Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Little Princess Turns 3

Last day as a 2 year old.  She's laughing as we were chasing her around the house with 2 cameras. 
My sweet little 2 of 3 turned 3 years old yesterday.  Oh how time flies!  She is my little dancing queen, knock knock joker, giant hugger, doll player, not so much night time sleeper and dear soul that delights my heart!

We started her birthday morning with her birthday polka song blaring, Haaaaappy Birthday, Haaaaappy Birthday, Haaaaappy Birthday to you, dear Abby.  She is always so delighted to hear her song!  Then we took our tiny tot party over to Kerby Lane for pancakes.  I brought Dr. Suess' Birthday book to read at the restaurant.  I try to make that birthday book a tradition with the kids as they get older.  Apparently 3 years old is not old enough.  She forbade me to read it.  Not in so many words but in a few screams.  I tried another birthday book which went a bit better for at least a few minutes.

We headed home for a nap as it was already needed.  No such luck on the nap!

After the much needed down time we were off to an impromptu party at the park.  Her big party is planned for Saturday but since Monday was her actual birthday we celebrated all day at every turn!

There were so many little friends there to play!  2 of 3 felt so big being pushed by the big kids and doted on by her big sister!  I bought a cup cake for 2 of 3 and cake balls for the little friends.  We sang to her and as evident by the picture below, she was a bit unsure about all of the attention.  Little cutie.  I just wanted to grab her up and hug her so tight.  I resisted as I know she would have been mortified even at 3.  When she finally got to her cupcake she took the tiniest nibble out of it.  Then she moved on.

This is her little face she was wearing when we were singing Happy Birthday!  She is not sure about it at all!!!
As soon as we walked though the doors at home she was roaring to open presents.  Well, let's rephrase it.  She was roaring to open A present.  That child will open a present and play with it for hours.  She is not even remotely interested in the other presents.

It was killing 1 of 3 and me that she wouldn't move on to the other presents.  We tried to encourage her to rip through presents and enjoy them later like we do.  I think it really annoyed her!  There were even a few times when the big sister tried to just open presents for 2 of 3.  It was getting to be a bit much making her big sister (and momma) wait and wonder what was in the wrapping!

The first present she opened and then played with for 20 minutes!
Finally, tonight we had a little family dinner to celebrate her sweet, little, I mean big, self again.  For her birthday dinner she chose to eat homemade chicken nuggets and french fries.  And she got to eat from the red I'm Special Plate.  There were some really big grins about that!  She is officially a big girl!!!

Enjoying dinner and the I'm Special Plate!
For the family party, I served a gluten free, dairy free, and taste free in my opinion, chocolate cake so 3 of 3 could partake.  The little birthday girl lapped it up.  I mean she went to town on the cake.  I've never seen her eat dessert like that before.  On the other hand, I took one bite and passed it on to my husband.  I couldn't make myself eat it!

The two little parties led to an interesting observation.  She barely took a bite of the regular cupcake from the park party.  In fact I have just come to expect that she wouldn't eat it.  She hardly ever eats sweets.  Ever.  She wants to eat them.  She tries them.  She doesn't eat more than a bite.  It makes me wonder if she has a gluten or dairy intolerance or at least if they upset her stomach.  Hmmmmmmm......

Anyway, we had so much fun with 2 of 3.  She is not one to really enjoy all of the attention.  She is a bit timid.  But we did have a blast dancing and singing her polka happy birthday song the first 10 times.  Around the 100th time it wasn't as enjoyable for the parents, but oh how 2 of 3 enjoyed singing to herself all day long.
2 of 3 around 3 months old.
Love that girl and thankful God chose me to be her mommy!  Oh 2 of 3, I'm so glad you happened to me.

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