Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updated Food Budget

Yesterday while browsing the aisles of Central Market I noticed something about myself.  I over buy.  Yes, it's true.  If I need jelly, well, I better pick up 3 or 4 different kinds.  If we are out of pasta, then you can bet your bottom dollar I will buy at least 6 boxes of it.  And if I am going to make something such as a roast, well, wouldn't it be easier if I picked up 2 and froze one.

You see, having little people has changed me and I didn't even notice!  Trips to the grocery store are HARD with 3 little people.  Every time I go I do my best to prevent the next shopping trip, but alas, it comes soon anyway.  I always seem to need just an item or two more.  And I always seem to come home with a huge cart full of stuff.  Again, trying to prevent the next shopping trip which is just days away regardless of my unending efforts. 

So when I told you I spend $300 a week on groceries, it was true.  It's just that we aren't eating all of that food each week.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!  Looking in my pantry and freezer I have at least a month if not more of meals.  

This observation is a direct result of our meals being delivered to our house each week for the month of April.  Here is the link to the post about the Good Eating Austin deal we got on Social Living.  I am hardly cooking.  I go to the grocery store for fruit and a few other staples for the kids.  At the farmers' market we pick up a big box of vegetables weekly, too.  I noticed that I am still coming home with bags and bags of groceries and spending more money than I think I should.

So I am trying to devise a plan.  First, my family and I will try to eat through all of the food in the house.  It will be so nice to have room in the freezer again!  The really hard part of the plan will be only buying what we will eat in a week.  I'm just not sure I'm that kind of girl.  I think I can!  I think I can! 

Finally, I am working on food menus and a budget to keep for the months of May and June.  I'll post them on the blog as I go.  Again, I am scared!  I hate the grocery store and feel like this budget thing will mean more trips.  It's probably irrational but I still worry!  After carefully thinking about what we actually eat weekly, I am shooting for around $175-$200 a week.  

Upon careful examination of my cart I realized that I am constantly stocking up!  Then it dawned on me, this is why my grocery bills are so high!  And then I thought it was worth a post since I may have scared many would-eat-organic friends away.  Not every one shops like me and most of my friends could do this organic thing for a fraction of the price!  In fact, I have friends that spend $200 a week on their organic lifestyle.

Summer is a great time to get fabulous produce at the Farmers' market.  And with the price of gas going through the roof, the farmers' market prices may prove to be cheaper than the conventional grocery store in the coming months. 

Wish me luck as I try to solve my over buying, stocking up, and maybe even hoarding food problem!!!!!


  1. I hear you on this. We have so much food in our house that it is actually a little disturbing. I keep going to the store but end up buying more "staple items." Maybe we should all make an arrangement with ourselves and eat what we have and then go to the store. Only buy what is on the list and only buy one item of said listed necessity. I wonder if I can do this. You inspire me to try.

  2. I will try!!!! Maybe we should be accountability partners on buying only what we eat weekly. ha ha. We could have weekly meeting and phone calls from the grocery store. Please step away from the shopping cart!!!!!

  3. I wish you luck with this! I look forward to reading about how it goes! :)