Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tamari, Tamari, I Love You Tamari

Ninety percent of the soy beans grown in the United States are GMO (genetically modified organisms).  So when I discovered Organic Tamari gluten free soy sauce by San-J (reduced sodium), I was excited.  Super tasty!  We have eaten stir fry twice since this little gem has come to live in our refrigerator.  I like to use olive oil and the Tamari soy sauce to cook chicken breasts.  As the chicken starts to cook I usually cut it up with kitchen sciccors into bite sizes so it will cook faster.  Once the chicken is cooked I add bok choy, snow peas, red bell pepper, water chestnuts, baby corn, bean sprouts, mushrooms, a bit of cilantro, and green and purple cabbage.  Once the greens are wilted it's time to serve it up.  Preparation time is around 15 minutes.  Or you can do what I sometimes do and grab the Pacific stir fry kit and coleslaw mix kit at Central Market.  The veggies are cut and ready to go.  I've gotta have fast food every once and a while.  This is it.  It may not be organic but in a pinch it is still delicious and nutritious.  Cooking time is around 15 minutes.  I love you, Tamari.

PS. I add the coleslaw mix because of the green and purple cabbage.  Cabbage has high amounts of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and high levels of glucosinolates which research suggests help fight cancer.
"Cabbage is rich in the following nutrients:
Vitamin A: responsible for the protection of your skin and eyes.
Vitamin C: an all important anti-oxidant and helps the mitochondria to burn fat.
Vitamin E: a fat soluble anti-oxidant which plays a role in skin integrity.
Vitamin B: helps maintain integrity of nerve endings and boosts energy metabolism"

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