Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strike Out Or Change Expectations?

Last night I cooked a whole chicken, an anorexic whole chicken.  It was a grass fed chicken.  I question if it even ATE grass!  I'm talking made a cornish hen look fat!  But to be fair I did look for the smallest as I knew that this was a trial chicken and I didn't want to be out too much money if it was a bust.  I put it in the oven to cook and about 15 minutes later it was burnt.  Okay that is a SLIGHT exaggeration.  But needless to say, this really expensive teeny, tiny chicken was over cooked and super, duper tough.  After serving my family large servings of mashed potatoes, large servings of sauteed kale and spinach, and a bite or two of chicken each, we all left hungry.  Really hungry.  I might even say that for dinner last night I had an appetizer of the above mentioned meal and 2 bowls of cereal.  So all that work preparing a meal and it was an absolute strike out.  Note to self: if ever again cooking a TINY whole chicken check it every 30ish minutes.  Really check it.  It is probably done.

I did notice a few differences between the grass fed cooked chicken and the conventional cooked whole chicken.  The most striking differences were the size of the breast.  There was hardly any meat when you are comparing it to what is now "normal."  Conventional chickens are pumped with hormones to make them larger and have more breast meat.  The other difference was that the chicken legs and dark meat were MUCH LESS greasy.  Even tough as rubber the flavor was yummy.  I can tell we will enjoy it if ever cooked again. 

The lesson I learned was this, I am going to have to adjust my expectations in my new life style.  Mabye nature intends us to eat just a little meat and load up on veggies and other healthy stuff.  Maybe just a little meat is actually better for our bodies.  Maybe next time I need to make four sides instead of 2.  Expectations, please adjust soon!


  1. Hi Natalie,

    We've been eating vegan 95% of the time for the past couple of months, and I don't miss the meat! In fact, it kind of grosses me out now to touch/see meat.

    Allison :)

  2. Thanks for commenting Allison! I would love to have some of your vegan recipes!!! I am interested in a more vegan diet but my other family folks aren't on board. Totally understand about seeing/touching raw meat. I'm right there with you. I have to disinfect everything as soon as I'm done handling the meat. So nasty!!!

  3. That's not a strike-out, it's a first attempt! And I have to commend you, not only for making the attempt but also for your overall effort and for journaling your experiences (instead of keeping them to yourself, as I've been doing). This is so helpful to others walking this same path.

    My experience as well has been an adjusting of expectations. Stay with your commitment to feeding yourself and family well, it will carry you through the recipe results that aren't pleasing for whatever reason. You have already figured out some quick & healthy meals that could be a "backup plans" if needed. At least once a week I have to resort to "plan B" but I am learning and picking up skill.

    Re: meat, I think our feelings for safety go into overdrive when we learn the disgusting and previously hidden side of industrial food. The squeamish feelings are appropriate here somehow.

    Eating grass-fed, I've learned to be both gentler with and more grateful for my food. Gentler of course in not overcooking :)

    but also in just marvelling at what is before me--the beauty of a deep green ruffley piece of kale, the absolutely amazing way a chicken is constructed. That of course prompts the gratitude, to the plants, the animals and to their Maker that have given such gracious gifts. I don't feel revulsion at all, in fact, the more involved I become with my food, the feeling is more like rapture.

    As a dietetics buff, you will enjoy what Rachel Matesz has to say about veganism in her book Garden of Eating (I'll bring it over sometime). Also check out the website Mark's Daily Apple.

    I'll stop here or I'll be compelled to go and get my own blog ;) Atta girl, Natalie...