Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Got Me AGAIN!

Summer after summer I venture out into the balmy 102 degree afternoon to cool off in the refreshing waters of the pool.  And it never fails, year after year, the first few times I am LOBSTER RED.  The crazy sun and I aren't very good friends as evident in my fluorescent white wrappings.

Why I forget year after year to bathe myself in sunscreen before I step foot in a pool baffles me.  I guess subconsciously I would rather be red than fluorescent white.  Still, one would think the sheer pain would trigger some type of memory response.  Not so much. 

It's one thing to turn myself into a lobster but it's an entirely different beast to turn my children into lobsters.  

Well, last week my little kindergartener had her end of the year school party.  It was a pool party.  Oh no!  With my track record 1 of 3 was destined to have some redness and a bit of pain.

Hurray for the host momma that provided sunscreen because I did forget AGAIN!!!!  I lathered up that baby girl and off she headed to the pool.  

Ummm, do you see the parts in her hair in the above picture?  So did I.  After washing her hair the next day.  Bright red lines on her scalp.  She commented about how they hurt. 

Oh why didn't I think of that?  Next time sun, you won't get us.  I'll be armed!


So this momma is on the hunt and heading to the store to get the safest sunscreens for my family.  I thought other mommas would like to check out the information below to arm themselves with weapons against lobster red sun-induced burns.  

Happy sunburn-free summer!  May your days be filled with joy, laughter and memories of a lifetime!

Here is the Environmental Working List's 2011 list of the best/safest sunscreens.  And just to make sure you're not using the potentially dangerous sunscreens on your precious babies, here is a link to the EWL's hall of shame sunscreens.  

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  1. Thanks for the lists! We are irish, german, and norwegian babies over here - in other words, white as ghosts. lol