Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Miss Manners

Sunday afternoon I went to a parenting class called "Getting Ready for Summer."  I am always looking for ways to empower myself and enlighten my children!  It is my goal in life to raise children that are not only book-educated but equipped with life skills that will help them have a beautiful life that is rooted in God's love and grace.  And that is what we are doing this summer and every summer to come.

So I am embarking on a little summer journey to transform my little ladies into little miss manners.  We started tonight by learning how to set the table.  Two little ladies were absolutely thrilled to set the table and help with dinner.  

The Table Manners We Are Learning This Summer:

Comes to the table on time.
Knows how to correctly set a table.
Sits up straight.
Places napkin on her lap.
Takes his hat off.
Makes only positive comments about food.
Waits for the hostess to sit before serving or eating.
Puts modest portions on his plate.
Keeps elbows off table.
Knows how to use utensils correctly.
Chews with her mouth closed.
Doesn't talk with food in her mouth.
Places knife and fork sideways on plate when finished.
Asks to be excused before leaving the table.
Offers to help the hostess.
Thanks the hostess before leaving.

My oldest, 1 of 3, does many of the items on the list already.  It sure does make her beam to think that she already has great manners.  Manners fit for a princess.  And my 3 year old is becoming interested in helping in the kitchen and having polite manners too.

Summer fun times!!!


  1. Best of luck! Sounds like it will be a very enlightening summer! Can I sign my husband up for your class too? lol

  2. Holly Ann, You are so funny! It should be a fun summer!

  3. you'll do a great job, I turned a little girl, who would suck her sandwiches away instead of eat or chew them, into a well mannered angel who wouldn't even eat with dirty hands lol.

  4. I loved this post Natalie! I need to get on this right away! Thank you!