Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ThunderHeart Bison...Out Of This World Fabulous!

My family and I have finally found bison or buffalo we love to eat.  My initial experience with bison was not so good.  In fact, I wasn't sure I would ever eat it again.  I liked the health benefits of grass fed bison so I didn't rule it out forever!  All I can say is you have to try bison from Thunder Heart Bison.  You will thank me for it!  Here is the where to find us link from the website.

The bison at Thunder Heart roam free on 13,000 acres in South Texas.  They are field harvested which supposedly eliminates the stress of the ride to the slaughter house.  Whatever the reason, the bison was tender, tasty and not even a tad bit gamey.

My baby girl, 2 of 3, the one that acts like I'm poisoning her so often, cried when I put the plate of bison in front of her.  She loudly repeated over and over, "I down't wike it!"  We told her she just had to taste it and then if she didn't like it she didn't have to eat it.  As soon as she had a bite, her face lit up and she said, "I weally wike it!  I want some mo!"  And she ate and ate and ate it!

So far we have eaten the ground bison and the bison steak.  Both were fantastic!  Wondering what I can make with my last pound tomorrow.

The website, thunderheartbison.com had this to say about the health benefits.

Low-fat, grass-fed Thunder Heart Bison — the red meat that's healthy to eat.

Nutritional Comparison*
SpeciesFat CaloriesCholesterol
**Skinless*per 100 grams of cooked lean meat
(Figures from the US Department of Agriculture)

Unlike most Bison, which is grain-fed, grass-fed Thunder Heart Bison not only enables you to avoid many of the negatives associated with meat; it also provides important positives to your diet:

Grass-fed Bison provides nutrient dense, low fat, low cholesterol meat with as many Omega-3s per serving as salmon, and three to six times the amount of omega-3s as grain fed animals.  It is also high in selenium, beta carotene, taurine, and the all important CO-Q 10.

It contains the highest-know levels of the fat-blocker and anti-carcinogen, CLA (conjugated linolaic acid). Research on CLA is showing evidence that CLA has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and a number of immune disorders.

It also has high concentrations of selenium, a natural trace element that acts as a mood elevator. The original "happy meal". In research conducted by Dr. Martin Marchello at the Carrington Research Extension Center, grass fed Bison was determined to contain as much as four times more selenium than grain fed Bison.

Bison fits the dietary recommendations of the American Heart and American Diabetes associations.

Grass-fed Bison contains four times the amount of vitamin E found in grain fed beef. It is also a rich source of the vitamin beta-carotene, a vital antioxidant which reduces the risk of cancer by preventing cell degeneration.

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