Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Answer To Follow Up Question About My Children/Husband

Yesterday I posted about how I am faring on my organic journey.  I got a great follow up question about whether I have noticed changes in my children's energy and behavior.  My friend also wanted to know how my husband was doing.

So today I will give you a quick run down.

First up, my kids.  I have to give a disclaimer: I have super easy children.  SUPER EASY!!!!  They are dear and very well mannered.  So when I think if their behavior has changed drastically on organic journey I have to say no.  They were easy then and they are easy now.

They ate pretty healthy before we changed our lifestyle.  I have always been a label reader.  They hardly ever ate foods that contained high fructose corn syrup.  I tried to limit foods that contained a lot of food coloring and additives which I have read are a source of behavior issues in children.  They eat candy (still do) but get a piece a day.  They will be the first to tell you that they remember overeating candy and they don't like it when it makes their tummy hurt.

So for them the only real changes have been the clean meat, dairy and some produce (no hormones or chemicals).   They eat fruits and vegetables very well and seem to enjoy our meals.  They had perfectly pleasant behaviors before we changed our lifestyle.  And they still do.  

I have noticed some changes, though.  For example, I have noticed that they don't complain about not feeling good after they eat.  When we were eating Chick Fil A for lunch multiple times a week and dinner out at restaurants, 1 of 3 would complain about her tummy hurting after eating.  Same goes for 2 of 3.  I never hear complaints from 2 of 3.  And I only hear complaints from 1 of 3 when it is time to sit down and read her 15 page reader.  It never fails, she needs a nap or her tummy hurts or her teeth hurt.  She feels much better when she learns that she isn't going to get to have a friend over or go to the park if she is sick.  Oh, and that she still will have to read!  It is usually followed up with, "Well, I don't feel that bad!"

My kids energy level seems to be a bit better, too.  When they were the princesses of eating out, I used to notice when they felt bad after eating they were mopey and needed to rest.  That is never the case after eating now.  They just head off to play and play.

As far as my husband goes, he has the baby morning duty.  That is our arrangement.  I nurse the first year and get zero sleep and he gets up with the toddler when the 4am-5am shift rolls around the second year.  I'll have to get back to you on him.  I think he is still a bit tired.

I think it is interesting that as little sleep as we have gotten this year we have been fairly healthy.  The girls have too.  Only little 3 of 3 has suffered with ear infections and pneumonia.  Since he has been completely off dairy he has not been sick.  AT ALL.  At times just a bit of clear runny nose that quickly goes away.  He has been well for at least a month.  We had a false start with removing dairy from the diet.  Be sure to read labels if you try this, even if it is soy it may still be milk based.  I have to wonder why anyone would choose soy when they can tolerate milk?

I can't prove that there is a correlation between no dairy and his health but I sure am thankful for the break!  I will reintroduce dairy after the cold/flu season.  We'll see.

One last thing, I notice that my children seem more happy and playful.  They giggle more, give hugs and kisses more.  I don't think this has anything to do with the organic change.  I think it has to do with the fact that our lives have slowed down a bit and we are coming together and connecting.  And that is what it really is all about...bonding with our family.

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  1. I had to add this follow up comment about the kids energy levels. This morning as I was helping 1 of 3 get ready for school she couldn't stop jumping and laughing. I had to get a moving target dressed and hair done. Lots of giggles and fall on the floor laughs from the kids. The are spunky little things!