Sunday, December 15, 2013

Notice Anything Different?

This crazy blog was started to journal my journey from a fast food momma feeding her kids processed foods to a more organic, whole food lifestyle.  That's where it started.  However, the more we changed our diet the better we felt.  The better we felt the more I researched the impact of food on our health.  The more I learned the more changes we made.

Our lives and diets took a huge turn when I learned about the ELISA blood test and got my family tested for food allergies.  We had no life threatening allergies Praise God!  We did however have many other allergies that were causing stomach aches, headaches, GI problems, hives, ear infections and a host of other ailments.  After removing dairy from our diets, sinus infections and my son's constant ear infections vanished.  After removing gluten from our diet the headaches, hives, constant fatigue, stomach aches and GI issues disappeared.  When the remaining foods were eliminated and we began to heal, our new lives started.  My foggy brain disappeared and I finally felt free to be who God intended me to be. That's where the new title of my blog comes into play, Lovin' Livin' Free.  We are now lovin' livin' free of all the foods that caused us to miss out on all the joy and blessings this life holds.

During this process of cleaning up our diets, every area of my life improved by leaps and bounds.   I began to reevaluate all of the other areas in my life that were "fast food" living.  So much has changed in these two and a half years.  And all for the better.  I feel so free.  Free to stop living life just managing illness and free to start exploring, inventing, imagining, and finally DOING all the things I always hoped to do.  Free to embrace all of my passions.  Free to live life with no regrets.  Free to be the kind of person that can provide rich experiences for my family.  My family feels this freedom too.

There are days this freedom has a high price and I feel totally overwhelmed.  This freedom is worth the fight.

PS. This post is not to judge or condemn anyone who eats fast food.  It is just to tell my story of how eliminating foods that were toxic to my body and those of my family changed our lives.

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