Saturday, October 30, 2010

To Market, To Market

We LOVE going to the farmers' market.  And today was the day. The Farmers' market...when these 3 words were spoken, it was just one of the moments I would like to freeze or at least bottle up and keep forever. Oh the excitement in the little people's eyes, the cheers, the hurrays, and of course the jumping up and down by 2 of 3!   Well, at least the ones who could understand were excited.  3 of 3--not so much as it would disturb his naptime.  Sorry dude.  Saturday is our family day.  Our time to be together and play, laugh and enjoy each other.  We piled into "The Seinfeld" (our minivan) eagerly awaiting all the goodies the market provides.  We made guesses as to the number of dogs we might see.  We wondered if we'd see the same friends from school we saw last week.  We anticipated what special treat we may find and what kind of music we'd hear. We were eagerly awaiting this wonderful experience.  When we arrived there was a great band playing.  People were dressed up in Halloween costumes.  To be truthful, my little people could have probably done without the scary costumes.  There were times we took quick turns to avoid a costume that would have elicited a scream or two, possibly three.  Every booth was giving out candy and some had juice boxes!  This was a treat for mom and dad as they were FREE treats today.  We counted at least 15 dogs of all shapes and sizes.  The dogs brought such giggles, especially the dressed up ones.  It is just a festive time and did not feel at all like shopping.  We stopped and chatted with friends both new and old.  It was an adventure, an outing for family day that left us feeling uplifted and connected!  When it was time to leave we had bags full of bison, grass fed chicken, eggs, milk, and veggies.  This beats the grocery store any day!!!  I know I'll still have to go to the store but I won't have to stay as long.  What a great way to start a Saturday.
Not all food at the farmers' market is for the budget conscious.  I found the meats to be extremely pricey.  The bison was $17 for 2 1/2 lbs and the grass fed chicken was $12.50 a small chicken.  A gallon of milk was $7.00 and eggs were $4.00 a dozen.  I did find many things to be priced comparable to the traditional grocery store.  For me it is worth the price for the better quality.  I'll find other areas to save.  In the next few months, maybe even the summer, I plan on trying to eat organic and GM free food on a budget.  We'll see.  Happy Saturday!

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