Friday, October 29, 2010


Next up, cereal.  Yep, cereal.  With a baby in the house, finger foods are a must right now.  Without them, what could be thrown on the floor and mashed into the carpet?  What could be so carefully picked up by those tiny, little hands and fed to a sister?  Yes, cereal must be replaced.  I've only had time to shop at Central Market so my brands are limited.  However, the Central Market brand of Honey Nut O's and plain O's were great replacements for Cheerio's cereal.  I thought about switching the cereal boxes so little eyes would not even notice a change.  Then thought better of it as it is deseptive and not a true measure of their acceptance of the new cereal.  Both passed with flying colors.  I did buy one more kind of cereal.  It was EnviroKidz Organic Koala Crisp Cereal  made with organic -brown rice flour, evaporated cane juice, cocoa, and molasses.  I wanted to taste test this cereal myself on a night when little people weren't around.  Just for good measure, you know.  It was a hit.  I fell in love.  They were straight away hidden.  I'd share them gladly with my spouse but not so much the kids.  They have their organic O's.  However, my charming husband found them and ate a hand full of them right in front of the little people.  They saw and they wanted.  Begged would be more accurate.  Brown cereal can only mean one thing--chocolate.  Smart little cookies!!!!  Currently, the story is that daddy was just snacking on brown rice cereal.  Really, who WANTS to eat brown rice cereal???  ME!!!!  So after 3 days of little people asking when they can try the brown rice cereal as it has so affectionately been named, we told them they could try it this weekend.  It was a brief love affair but beautiful.  I will always remember my late night snacks and smile.  Because, baby, it's all over on Saturday.  Once the little people taste the chocolately goodness, one bowl will never be enough.  And every momma knows what that means...Moderation and rationing!!!!  So a huge thumbs up for the Central Market Honey Nut O's, Central Market O's, and EnviroKidz Organic Koala Crisp Cereal.

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