Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Awakening

As a mom of 3 small children (ages 5, 2, and 1) I need energy, a lot of energy!   However, I find that I always seem to lack it.  I graduated from Baylor with a Bachlor of Science  in Nutrition/dietitics.  So 13 years later as I am looking over my life wondering where to make changes, I have decided to finally use my degree.  My mom must be so proud!  The thought crossed my mind that maybe I'm having sugar crashes midday and could modify my diet to prevent them. I started on Sunday by modifying a yummy muffin recipe without losing any taste or texture.  (I'll post recipe later.)   
One thing led to another and I began to watch documentaries on the food we eat and the way it is grown.  The changes over the past 50 years are just stunning!!!  It made me think about going a step further than just modifiying diets.  Now I am motivated to feed myself and my family organic foods that are locally grown.  I am also going to attempt to eliminate genetically modified foods from my family's diet. 
As I researched more and watched a few documentaries I realized how many foods are genteically modified.  Two thirds of all the canola, cotton and corn grown today is geneticly modified and 90% of all soybeans grown are GM.  Derivatives of these products are in most of the processed foods we eat.  This is going to prove challening but I know it can be done.  This really has never meant anything to me until I learned a little about how they go about genetically modifying foods.  I actually learned a few things about biology when I was at Baylor, including that the nucleus of a cell is not easily penetrated.  So, the geniuses who genetically modify food have to resort to some rather unsavory methods to do it.  What can penetrate the nucleus of a cell?  How about e. coli, viruses, and other means things that can kill you.  I'm not saying genetically modified food will kill you just like e coli.  I'm just saying that I don't want to feed this to my family.  It is not very appetizing and I don't trust it.
This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of health through food.  I'll share my recipes, discoveries, and story.

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